Beowulf la historia

| PROLOGUEEarly History of the DanesListen:
You have heard of the Danish Kings
in the old days and how 
they were great warriors.
Shield, the son of Sheaf,
took many an enemy's chair,
terrifiedmany a warrior,
after he was found an orphan.
He prospered under the sky
until people everywhere
listened when he spoke.
He was a good king!Shield had a son,
child for his yard,
sent by Godto comfort the people,
to keep them from fear--
Grain was his name;
he was famous 
throughout the North.
Young princes should do as he did--
give out treasures
while they're still young
so thatwhen they're old
people will support them
in time of war.
A man prospers
by good deeds
in any nation.Shield died at his fated hour,
went to God still strong.
His people carried him to the sea,which was his last request.
In the harbor stood
a well-built ship,
icy but ready for the sea.
They laid Shield there,
propped him against the mast
surrounded by gold
and treasure from distantlands.
I've never heard
of a more beautiful ship,
filled with shields, swords,
and coats of mail, gifts 
to him for his long trip.
No doubt he had a little more
than he did as a child
when hewas sent out,
a naked orphan in an empty boat.
Now he had a golden banner
high over his head, was,
sadly by a rich people,
given to the sea.
The wisest alive can't tell 
where a death shipgoes.Grain ruled the Danes
a long time after his father's death,
and to him was born
the great Healfdene, fierce in battle,
who ruled until he was old.
Healfdene had four children--
Heorogar,Hrothgar, Halga the Good,
and a daughter who married
Onela, King of the Swedes.Hrothgar Becomes King of the DanesAfter Hrothgar became king 
he won many battles:
his friends and family
willinglyobeyed him;
his childhood friends
became famous soldiers.So Hrothgar decided 
he would build a mead-hall,
the greatest the world had 
ever seen, or even imagined.
There he would share out
to young...
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