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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Beth Funeral Speech

Hello everyone
We are gathered here today to say one last goodbye to my beloved sister Beth. And first, I must express my gratitude for all of you present here today,giving us the March family a friendly shoulder in which we can lay on to gather strength again, dry our tears, and be able to move on with our life after this memorable lost.
For all of us that knew Beth,are conscience of her unique personality, she was shy, quiet and friendly with everyone; when I think of her, I love to remember the long days during the winter, when she used to sit on the piano andshe delighted all of us with the beautiful melodies she created, Beth was undoubtedly an especial human being, and a sister to love.
I must make reference that Beth was always trying to help theothers, the ones that needed help the most, she was always for them contributing with whatever she could to make the life of those who needed help, a little more pleasant. In fact the way she caught thescarlet fever, was when she was helping a family with sick children, that I’m sure that she knows that helping those children was worth it, and it’s something that she will never regret.
Despite thephysical departure of my sister Beth at a young age, I believe that things were suppose to happen this way, although I don’t like to admitted but her cycle here with us was completed, she came tomany of us into our life, and she field them with joy putting a smile on our faces every time she was around us; I like to think that after the long illness she had, passing away, was probably the bestfor her, the hard times are finally over for you sister; I know that looking the thing the way I’m looking them is not easy, but we must have in mind,; that Beth is probably feeling much better now, infact, I think she is feeling great and she is here right now with us in spirit, glad of knowing that she had such wonderful people that care about her, and that are patiently waiting to reunite...
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