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Role Play Games

An RPG is a game in which, as its name implies, one or more players play a certain role, a role or personality. When a person plays the role of X means you are playing a role thatusually does not.
This article is mainly on so-called table RPGs. Other forms of role play are, for example: the role of e-mail, forum or role-playing role - playing game.
At the end of the 60United States developed a new game concept. Specifically, is attributed to a professor of sociology at Boston College William A. Gamson, creator in 1966 of SimSoc (Simulated Society), game used inuniversities and other groups to teach various aspects of sociology, political science and skills comunicación.1 In this game there were no sheets or board, or even rules strict, only based on theinterpretation, dialogue, imagination and sense of enterprise and adventure. This concept took shape in 1974 until it was published Dungeons & Dragons, which was based on the mechanics of strategy games (wargames), introducing elements of heroic fantasy. The authors, however, had to post it on their own because no publisher was confident enough to be sold success. 2 This new game mode called "RPG" fromthe French word rôle, which means' role 'within the meaning of the character played by an actor.
Usually people who like this kind of games do not seek to compete with each other but play as a teamuntil the end of the game.
In Argentina the most popular RPG OA is Imperium.
Dungeons & Dragons was the first RPG, establishing many of the conventions and canons that dominate the genre to thisday. Of particular notoriety was the use of multi-sided dice, character sheets, the gradual development of characters and the gameplay focuses on the joint action of a game director telling the storyand some players that influence and change with their actions.
The elements that constituted a Dungeons & Dragons can be seen in many other pastimes of the era, although there have been...
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