Bi for entrepreneurs. gaining research focus

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Business Intelligence
[Gaining Research Focus]

Dr. Raul M. Abril School of Business Umeå University

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• • Raul M Abril 2005 The inner and inter construct associations of the quality of data warehouse customer relationship datafor problem enactment by Raul M Abril, doctoral thesis, Henley Management College Raul M Abril 2006 A methodological framework for gaining research focus. The case of problem sense making in CRM using a data warehouse by, paper submitted to Henley Working Papers series, Henley Management College , submitted on 2006 Dess, Lumpkin, and Eisner Strategic Management by 2007 McGraw-Hill/Irwin Draw, C. Business Plan Research in Lowry, L. Fall 2006 ENTR 3P45: Entrepeneurial Management – Resources for Feasibility Study Research in Lowry, L. May 2006 MBAB 5P23: Entrepeneurship – Business Plan Research Gartner, June 2006 Pervasive, Integrated BI & the Multi-use Data Warehouse Platform Hackathorn, Richard February 2003 "Reducing Action Distance." The Data Administration Newsletter Keiser, B. E. Oct 2006 Mining the Web for Business Information and Tools in Nigel F. Piercy, Market-Led Strategic Change. 1992Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. Wayne Eckerson and Cindi Howson 2005 Strategies and Technologies for Deploying BI on an Enterprise

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• • • • • • • • Gaining Research Focus Internet Business Plan Situation Macro Context Market Context Profiling Companies Scanning Markets SWOT


Why this seminar is important for entrepreneurs • Help you to understand what is available (and whatis not) • Help you to understand what you should expect from data sources

From Data to Knowledge



Source: The inner and inter construct associations of the quality of data warehouse customer relationship data for problem enactment by Raul M Abril, doctoral thesis, Henley Management College , 2005


Data SourcesPRIMARY



Transactional systems, Active Data Warehouses, Employees

Experts, Customers


Active Data Warehouses

Publications (paper, internet)

Source: Raul M Abril © 2006

BI as outcome of a Marketing Research Process

Research Motivation

Marketing Research Process

Business Intelligence

Source: Raul M Abril © 2006


From Data toKnowledge
Data: Symbols obtained through an encoding process of the environment. Such symbols have not yet been evaluated for their worth to an individual in a specific situation-within-context Information: Data with an imparted contextual and situational meaning by an individual through enactment. The term intelligence and information are used to designate the same concept Enactment: Sense making...
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