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The Data Warehouse, a component of this Business Intelligence tool set, is the more specific tool responsible for the cleanup, loading, and storage of the data needed by the business.

TheData Warehouse in this context refers to the layer that holds very detailed data (like a big retailer's warehouse) for fairly long periods of time. Its purpose is to hold information you may or may notknow you need yet. Having it in the warehouse makes all current and future reporting needs less difficult to realize.

The Operational Data Store is designed to contain detailed data for low-leveloperational needs. In most cases, data in this area is not kept for many years.

Data Marts, is designed with database objects that provide summarized/aggregated storage for data with a long-term timereference.

Business evaluation objects are known in BI as InfoObjects. They are divide into characteristics (for example, customers), key figures (for example, revenue), units (for example,currency, amount unit), time characteristics (for example, fiscal year) and technical characteristics (for example, request number). As components of the Metadata Repository (the storage area for all BIobjects), InfoObjects contain technical and business analyst information for master and transaction data in BI.
InfoObjects are used throughout the system to create structures and tables where datais stored. They enable information to be modeled in a structured form. They are also used to define reports and to evaluate master and transaction data.

- We can activate the business content inRSA1 and BI content
- Navigattion attributes
- M + table is the place where you can see the master data dependence
- Attributes, text, transaction data

The technical names of BI standard deliveredInfoObjects begin with 0 (zero)

Key Figure InfoObjects provide the values to be evaluated. Examples of key figure InfoObjects:
. Quantity (0QUANTITY)
. Amount (0AMOUNT)

Note: Details of key...
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