Bibliografia de libros referentes a narcotrafico y terrorismo en sudamerica

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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[pic] Research Proposal


2. Topic :
The faces of narco-terrorism in South America.

3. Annotated Bibliography:

HerbetKitschelt – Kirk A. Hawkins – Juan Pablo Luna – Guillermo Rosas – Elizabeth J. Zechmeister(2010): Latin American Party Systems Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Latin American Party Systems giveus a theoretical argument to explain differences in the levels to which political party systems in the region were structured at the end of the twentieth century. This book is based on different waysof indicators and analysis of party legislators and public opinion, the book argues that learning and adaptation through fundamental policy innovations are the main mechanisms by which politiciansmake their parties. The book's analysis show us the limits of alternative explanations and argues a positive view of competition between parties, recognising that this form of party system organisationis far from unique and will continue in Latin America for the foreseeable future.

This book used novel techniques to evaluate the qualities of party systems with survey data. This book is helpfulfor this essay because it offers a complete analysis of political parties across Latin America with a comparative focus in general terms.

Jennifer S. Holmes – Sheila Amin Gutierrez de Piñeres –Kevin M. Curtin(2008): Guns, Drugs, and Development in Colomobia Austin: University of Texas Press.

This book provides information about conflicts in Colombia, including the rise of paramilitary groupsin response to rebel insurgencies of the 1960s, the expansion of an illegal drug industry that has permeated politics and society since the 1970s, and a faltering economy in the 1990s. An analysis ofthese struggles, Guns, Drugs, and Development in Colombia brings together leading scholars from a variety of fields, blending previously unseen quantitative data with historical analysis for an...
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