Bicentenario de la independencia de mexico

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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Bicentenary of the Independence of Mexico

As Mexicans in this century (year 2010), celebrating 200 years of the insurgency of those who fought us from the yoke of theSpanish monarchy, and that years later they gave us an identity as Mexicans. Celebrate 100 years of a series of fights and riots that we now know as the revolutionary movementthat helped to form contemporary Mexico.
Currently, the incumbent president Felipe Calderon will continue the tradition of celebrating the festivities of the“Bicentenary” a historic opportunity that must be taken by all of us, to strengthen the sense of unity and belonging to this nation, take the problems that correspond with determination,courage, and true honesty.
Mexico is world famous for its large towns steeped in history, that history makes peoples, today is invaluable, for its music, literature, art, itsrich fauna, vast expanses of beautiful beaches around the country, its mountains, volcanoes, that wonderful desert that is adorned one of the largest states in Mexico, andeverything that exists in the special.
But this celebration of freedom and happiness has been marred by a gray cloud that clings to my beloved Mexico, and will become darker;it seems that we will not have a ray of light and hope and to achieve our independence. We will have to fight, raise up in arms to cry for our freedom? That freedom has beenstolen, bit by bit, so that we live in today held in our own homes for fear of falling by murderous bullets of beings who have no love of life.
For all this, in my belovedCiudad Juarez in this bicentennial, we won’t celebrate and say VIVA MEXICO! Because, we are afraid, unscrupulous individuals, make us shut up with their infernal arms
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