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2. A woman necessities 50, 60 and 70 years ago:
The necessities of the women in these times were to be able to have equality of rights and of work sincein these days one lived a great macho atmosphere where the men believed that they governed absolutely everything. For this reason 1945 many women's March 8 were revealed tohave an equality of rights
3. A woman's priorities 50, 60 and 70 years ago:
The priorities of the women make fifty; sixty or seventy years are very different to thepriorities that he/she has a woman. Now having depended for many years on the woman's atmosphere changed their priorities. the woman it was that is to say of the field it hadbeen raised in a rustic atmosphere their priorities they were to have a family that continued for this road, an orderly family with a due family father and in their majorityyou taenia a great figure of children
If the woman was of an atmosphere but urban that is to say I/you/he/she had been raised in a city her priorities they were to geta good man. That if with the seen good of their parents of good family to conform a home and one of the priorities but important for a woman of it is type it was to have agood status as for the social thing.
c. As the women they communicated fifty sixty seventy and ninety years ago:
The women make fifty, sixty, eighty and ninety yearsthey communicated by means of acoustic signs through an electromagnetic cable and for transmitters of coal
I think that noemy saninif it was able to be since president of the republic she is a very intelligent and capable woman, their proposals are very well carried out in benefit of the country.