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• Obtain, read and carefully service instructions when installing parts. A loose, worn, or damaged parts may cause injury to the rider. We strongly recommend that only genuine Shimanoreplacement parts be used. • *The available chainrings include the FC-7701 (double) for road bicycles, the FC-7701 (triple) for triathlon bicycles and the FC-7703 (triple) for road bicycles. Make surethat the chainring combination matches the front chainwheel tooth configuration in the Product specifications table. If other combinations are used, the distance between the chainrings will beincorrect and the chain might slip off and get caught in between them. • When using the FC-7701, the chain may come into contact with the larger chainring and make noise when it is in the position shown inthe illustration.

Installation of the chainrings
Smooth shifting will not be possible if the chainrigs are incorrectly installed, so be sure to install the chainrings in the correct positions.With the marked surface of the larger chainring facing out, set the larger chainring so that the chain drop prevention pin is lined up with the crank arm position.

• Wheninstalling the front chainwheel, check that the serrations of the crank arm and bottom bracket spindle are meshed while the fixing bolts and caps removed. After checking this, tighten the fixing bolts. If youtighten the fixing bolts without checking the above, the crank arm serrations may become damaged.

Outer side



• Be sure to use only the applicable chain andbottom bracket mentioned above. • For maximum performance we highly recommend Shimano lubricants and maintenance products. • For any questions regarding methods of handling or maintenance, pleasecontact the place of purchase.


FC-7701 FC-7703
Product specifications
Bolt circle diameter 130 mm
FC-7701 For road bicycles

Front Chainwheel

Installation of the front chainwheel
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