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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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I’m proud of me, because i have a family, friends, and all my body.

I am going to tell you when I meet a girl, it was awesome!

Friday, September 24.
We were at altaria, is a mall center,we were on the movies, we talk for a
moment, nothing interesting
That night, we went to a party at Villa hidalgo. I went with some
friends. We didn’t have invitation, so we were waitingsome friends to make a plan, so
we can enter to the party, but then I saw some girls coming; it was her with her friends,
I greeted her, then she ask me that why I wasn’t inside, that if I wasmissing an
invitation, I said yes, we don’t have invitation, we are missing 3, one for me and two for
my friends; she told me that she had one, it was for a boy, but she give it to me; I wasconfused, because I didn’t knew why she gave it to me, but I accepted.

So in the party, we were talking and fooling around and then two guys were drunk, not
at the 100% but they werebothering acting in
an obscene way referring to my friends. It bother me a lot! They didn’t care that I was
there, so I was so mad that I push them and told them
Mr. taught me “ violence is theweapon of the weak” so I controlled myself. told me, calm down its
I was walking to the restrooms and I saw then, they were like 10, and I was friend of me “Wow, they’re like 10 guys,they want to fight us! We
are only two! Then a guy was coming to talk with me and I said him, if you want to
calm the fight, lets calm it, if you want to fight with me, lets fight, I don’t care;but one
thing, just one by one.

He told me, I’m not fighting with you, I just want to calm the problem, ok? I said him,
ok, but tell your friend to apologize with this girls. So theyapologize and the problem
was solved.
I really learned something, seriously guys VIOLENCE IS THE WEAPON OF THE
WEAK, so is better to solve the problems with the dialogue that with your fist.
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