Big time rush

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Get a call a random afternoon/ I pick it up and I see that it`s you/ Like my hear. You were breaking the news/ You say/ It`s over it`s over it`s over/ Heading out`cause, I`m outta my mind/ All my friends are gonna see me tonight/ Staying here `til the sun stars to rise/ And I`m gonna I`m gonna I`m gonna// Chours: Dance hard, laugh more, turn the music up now/ Partylike rock star, can I get a what now?/ `Til fotget about-/ Jump up, fall down, gotta play it loud now/ Don`t care my head`s spinning all around now/ I swear I`ll do anything that I have to/ `Til Iforget anout you/ `Til I forget about you// I bet you thought I`d be here on my own/ Waiting for you to kmock on my door/ Since you left Idon`t wait by the phone/ I`m movin` I`m movin` I`m movin/ Ifound a place where I can lose myself/ And just leave your memory on the shelf/ See I`m fine no I don`t need no else/ `Cause I`m goin` i`m goin` i`m goni// Chorus// Spending money like it don`t mean athing/ I`m going crazy now- Don`t even think/ Losing mi mind is all I can do/ Til forget about you// Chorus

Your boyfriend/ have you ever had the feeling you’re drawn to someoneyeah/ And it isn`t anything they could have said or done/ And every day I see you on your own/ And I can`t believe that you`re alone/But I overheard your girls and this is what they said// Chorus: Thatyou`re looking for a boyfriend/ I see that/ Gimme time you know I`m gonna be that/ Don`t be scared to come put your trust in me/ Can`t you see all I really wanna be is your boyfriend/ Can`t fight that/Knock me down you know I`m coming right back/ I don`t care at all what you done before/ All really want is to be your boyfriend// Let me take a little moment to find the right words/ So when I kick itto you, it ain`t sometin`that you hear/ Idon`t know what kinda guy that you prefer/ But I know I gotta put myself forward/ See I think I got the kinda love that you deserve/ And I heard that//...
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