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There are numerous benefits they bring to be bilingual. Among them are the economic benefits of this ability, since we are in a situation where business and public relations are the main focus ofeconomics. Although it is not easy to master a second language is possible with effort, dedication and desire to achieve, allowing function in this society where English predominates. Of particularhighlight of bilingual people is to increase their skills in reasoning and increased learning capacity and knowledge of a new language contributes greatly to the increase in cerebral agility. This uniqueability to show very clear benefits from the acquisition of knowledge necessary to function in society, to promote the understanding and appreciation of other cultures, and being prepared for a moreculturally diverse world. Early learning English in the school context, is increasingly common in most countries. When considering the effects of early introduction of English as a new language, wenoted several benefits, such as language development, security and positive motivation for self improvement. In addition to learning a new language is produced is necessary to involve the family, becausewhen viewed from a social standpoint, cultural and family can be a motivator of this learning. In my case, being bilingual will help me greatly for the career I'd like to pursue, which requiresknowledge of at least a second language, it develops a national and international level. Whether in my case or in others is essential to master a second language to compete effectively in the global labormarket. Fluent in a second language can lead to great cultural benefits. Probably the child learning the language of their cultural heritage can communicate with their families and strengthen familyties across the border. It is also likely to want to learn the history and traditions of his family's native country. Understanding from which helps children develop a strong identity and determine...
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