Bio gen reaserch

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Solar System
A solar swimming pool heater uses your existing pump to circulate the water in your pool through the system. The process begins with an automatic control that senses any change insunlight or water temperature and relays this information to a control valve. The control valve then diverts or “channels” the pool water to the collectors, when sufficient energy is available, or bypassesthem when heat is not needed.
The water is efficiently heated by the collectors, which can be mounted either on a roof or a ground rack, as it flows through the passageways within the collectors.The water then flows back into your pool through the return lines at your desired temperature.
Cost comparison
When comparing pool heaters, it's important to know that while propane and gasheaters can offer a lower initial investment, the cost of fuel needed to run them rapidly adds up season after season. Propane is the most expensive type of system, followed by Natural gas (if it’s anoption for your house) and then electric resistance, which all incur monthly fuel costs.

Head Pump
The Heat Pump utilizes worldwide proven technology to capture latent heat from the ambient air andtransferring it to water as per requirement, i.e. pool heating, generating hot water, chilled water, and also simultaneously generating hot and chilled water for Air conditioning purpose.
This isdone by utilizing minimum amount of electrical energy. In the Heat Pump, there is a eutectic fluid which has a low boiling point; since the boiling point is low it has a tendency to absorb heat from theatmosphere. This heat is upgraded by compression by a compressor. This hot fluid then passes through one side of the heat exchanger and water is passed through the other side of the heat exchanger;there water picks up heat and gets heated. The fluid after losing heat passes through another heat exchanger where water at ambient temperature enters; here the water losses heat and gets chilled...
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