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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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1. Consumption of gas in a normal house:

Because of the great amount of things done, and that can be done with gas, in which we can mention the oven, the stove, boilers or as some familiesuse it as an option of heating, basing my research, in agree to internal calculations of the “Gas Natural Van” Company, an average annual consumption of a home of average resources is of 1.095 m3,while, a home of low resources consumes an average of 630 m3 a year.

2. Bioreactors & Septic Tank:

Bioreactors Production:

Capacity of Managing: 16 Tons dayEffective production of Effluent: 5 Tons day of Biological formulated subscription.
Time of Retention: 48 at 72 hours
Production of Methane: 315 m3 day
Operating system: I continue, fordivision of chambers according to principal phases of degradation, hydrolytic, acid genic, methane genic.

Type of Process: Strict anaerobic
Proper technics:

Forcedinoculation of complexes of enzymes, microorganisms, substrata, inhibiting and different · Membranes of retention for microorganisms, and Enzymatically factors · Process division for principal phases ofdegradation, Hydrolytic, Acid genic, methane genic · Purification of biogas to methane for waterfall for elimination of dampness, H2S, CO2, and others · Conditioning biomass for step in mill disintegratorfor delivery of colloidal material to the Bioreactor, for major efficiency in transfer of mass.
· Variation of ranges of temperature in chambers, by means of thermal diffusive interchangersCost: Is expensive.

Septic Tank:

With a simple and sure domestic installation, it is possible to obtain gas from the organic waste, as the garbage of the kitchen or thatof corrals.
It consists on introducing this garbage mixed with water in a hermetic container: the anaerobic digestion, to certain range of temperature, of this garbage for a few certain...
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