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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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Hermilia Molina Acevedo

Hermilia Molina Acevedo is a school-morning teacher. She has spent 20 years being a teacher and 17 years at the UPB where she has taught Technology and been TechnologyChief. She is a loyal and faithful person who treats others like she would like to be treated. She is tender and loving almost always, but she can get to be a rancorous and vindictive person too thatdoesn’t forget easily.

Her childhood was really funny. She had a group of friends with whom played in a rock band called “The Rock's Eagles” She used to useblack clothes, leather pants and boots, even when her parents got upset with her style. Nowadays she and her friends keep meeting to go to their favorite band concerts. She still loving the rockmusic and plays some instruments like bass, loves videogames, to swim, see movies and learn new computer programming. She is currently married and has two children.

She studied systems engineering atthe UDEM and got graduated as computing teacher, and also had specialized in informatics management. In her 14 years of experience in the UPB, she understood that the best thing about the school andthe university is the education in securities and her coworkers. She aspires to study education in the UPB soon.
Marisol Valencia Vargas

Marisol Valencia Vargas is the Math teacher in eight grade.She has been coordinator of natural sciences since 1996 to 1999, and formative coordinator of sixth and seventh grade in 2007 and 2008.
She studied degree in mathematics and physics in the UDEM andthen made a specialization in didactics of science in the UPB. She has been working for 24 years of which 16 were in the UPB.
She had a really quiet and normal childhood, was outgoing and playful withher relatives and classmates. She didn’t like Math until the high school. She considers herself like a responsible, home-loving, organized person, characterized for her leadership and loyalty with...
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