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1. Introduction
I chose this topic because I find it very interesting and also because communication devices havebeen around in one form or another since early in humanity’s existence.
The communication has always been the most important part of mankind social life.
The communication devices have changedaccording to the changes in people’s living conditions and technological developments.
Throughout history the technology has had a huge impact on these devices of communication.
The first means ofcommunication were simple messages sent and received with the primitive method of smoke signals.
Carrier pigeon was another mean of communication to send messages further away.
Later appeared the thelegraph,the telephone, the fax, mobile phones, text messages, e-mail, internet chat programmes.
The inventor and producers are aiming to develop faster, cheaper, and smaller-sized devices of communication.2. Definition of "Device of Communication”
A communication device is anything that can be used to convey a message from one person to another. It also refers to a terminal used to send voice,video or text. There have been many such devices over the course of human history.

3. Types of Devices of Communication
In the line of time there have been many different types of devices thathave been used for effective communication, including verbal and non-verbal communication.
Such communication ways include:
* Smoke signals
* Carrier pigeons
* Telegraph
* Telephone* Telex
* Fax
* Cell phones
* Computers (Desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)

Smoke signals
The smoke signal is one of the oldest forms of communication in recorded history. It is a formof visual communication used over long distance.
The north American Indians used to communicate via smoke signal. Each tribe had their own signaling system and understanding. A signaler started a...
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