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(Vicente Alberto Masferrer Monico; Tecapa, 1868 - San Salvador, 1932) Salvadoran writer and intellectual. Controversial personality, was one of the most dynamic cultural and political life of theircountry and exerted a strong influence on the younger generation

Son of a Salvadoran citizen, Leonor Monico, and a Spanish based in El Salvador, Enrique Masferrer, his father initially refused torecognize him as stem and thereafter agreed to recognize his paternity and Alberto went to live in the house of his father. He attended his first letters in Jucuapa school, and, at ten years of age, heentered college he had founded in San Salvador French pedagogue Charvin Agustine. In 1883 he was sent by his father to Guatemala in retaliation for refusing to comply with a penalty imposed on him.The young Masferrer rejected parental custody and wandered through Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, working in trades such as Chapman.

Practiced after teaching in the department of Rivas Nicaragua,where he was sent to the island of Ometepe for classes imparted in prison stood there. He later moved to San Rafael del Sur, where he became director of the School for Boys. In 1885 he moved to CostaRica, where he remained only one year, and in 1886 returned to his native country and was a teacher at El Carrizal, where he lived for three years. In 1889 he was appointed principal of Jucuapa, thesame that Masferrer himself had received his first lessons.

In 1890 he was appointed assistant principal in Sensutepeque and archivist of the Auditor General in San Salvador, two years later, hebecame director of the Official Journal, and in 1900 he became secretary of the National Institute, a position he left a year later, when he was appointed Consul of El Salvador in Buenos Aires(Argentina). Thus began a diplomatic career that led him to occupy the Salvadoran Consulate in Santiago de Chile (1902), San Jose, Costa Rica (1907) and Antwerp (Belgium, 1910). He was a delegate of El...
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