Biografia de augusto c. samdino

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Augusto Nicolas Calderon Sandino was born on 18 May 1895 in Niquinohomo Masaya. As a child, working with his mother collecting coffee plantation of PacificNicaragua.
In October 1909 an insurrection backed caused the resignation of President José Santos Zelaya. Jose Madriz takes office, but in February 1910 U.S. troops landed at Corinth and also lead to hisresignation. After multiple moves Adolfo Díaz took power, a bookkeeper for a mining company North American and staunch ally of Washington. U.S. gives a couple of loans to Nicaragua and take as security,customs control, the National Railroad, the Great Lake steamers and unspent funds from another loan.
In July 1912 a revolt broke out against the puppet Diaz. U.S. troops landed in Corinth. BenjaminZeledon facing the invaders and die in combat on Oct. 4. In his 17 years Sandino is very impressed with the image of the patriot.
In 1916 worked as assistant mechanic near the border with CostaRica. Travel to Honduras in 1920 and Guatemala in 1923, where he worked on the plantations of United Fruit. March to Mexico and work for oil companies in Tampico and Cerro Azul.
In August 1925, theUnited States withdraws troops from Nicaragua, the occupation has lasted 13 years. They remain, however, the instructors of the Constabulary, the predecessor of the National Guard. Military coup ofGeneral Emiliano Chamorro in October. Washington refuses to acknowledge it.
In May 1926 Liberal uprising occurs against Chamorro. U.S. troops land in Bluefields. Upon hearing the beginning of theConstitutionalist War, Sandino travels to Nicaragua where he arrived on 1 June.
On 26 October 1926, up in arms with some workers in the San Albino ore and joined the Constitutionalist cause. On November 2,in his first matchup against the conservative forces in El Jicaro, suffered its first defeat.
On 24 December, U.S. troops landed in Puerto Cabezas. The next day, get weapons and ammunition...
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