Biografia de beethoven(en ingles)

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Biography of Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in a small town of 'Bonn' in Germany on December 16, 1770 in a family of professional musicians. His father Johann and grandfatherLudwig were musicians and they had decided to train him in music right from his childhood, so his father took on the job to teach him the basic lessons of music. Ludwig learned violin and some otherinstruments from his father. His father wanted Ludwig to be perfect in music, and in that endeavor, he thrashed little Ludwig whenever he made any mistake during practice. According to one story, becauseof the punishments given by his father, Ludwig suffered from hearing problems in future, which ruined his life. Besides the fact that his father and grandfather had a wish that little Ludwig shouldbecome a great musician, he himself had great interest in music. Whatever treatment Ludwig received from his father, he never let his love and interest fade in music.

Further, Beethoven was sent tolearn music from C. G. Neefe. Beethoven learned every possible and minute detail of music from Neefe and also became his assistant when he was 11 years of age. He learned piano, violin and the organfrom Neefe. Beethoven and Mozart share many situations in their lives which are perfectly similar in many aspects, both of them were born in a family where music was the most important and indivisiblepart of life, both received training in music right from their childhood, they both had genuine interest in music and like Mozart, Beethoven also had started performing in public events, shows, etc.,when he was just six years of age. When Beethoven was twelve years old, his first music work was published. Ludwig dropped out of his school when he was thirteen years old in order to concentrate onhis practice and to perform in musical tours.

Beethoven then continued assisting Neefe till he was seventeen years old. In 1787, he went to Vienna in search of good opportunities and to demonstrate...
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