Biografia de brad cohen (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2012
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brad cohen
Cohen grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, in a Jewish family. His parents divorced during his early childhood.Cohen barked and twitched constantly during his waking hours, and wouldknock his knee against the inside of the car door.his teachers said that he was a “bad student” and he constantly had to change his school.His fifth-grade teacher forced him to walk to the frontof the classroom to apologize for the noises he made and promise that he would never make them again. He felt humiliated and decided that he would become the teacher he never had, saying: "Ialways felt like the kid in the corner. I really needed support and acceptance from my teacher and didn't get it. From then on, I knew that I wanted to be that teacher one who would offersupport and acceptance and really be there for each kid." his mother identified his problem by herself like tourette. She took him to a Tourette syndrome support group meeting, where Cohen realizedthat other attendees "seemed resigned to a life of defeat" and was "inspired to triumph over the disorder". In the begining of his eigth grade his middle-school principal decided to let Cohenspeak to the school about his Tourette syndrome.he will become the teacher that he never had so he study for be a teacher.Cohen attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, majoring inelementary education. He tried in many schools but the schools didnt want a teacher that did weird sounds so he continue searching for a lot of time. he found a job in low school so he started theclass. The first thing that he did was telling his student about his problem so they Could understand. one parent requested the principal to change his child but weeks later he change his childagain.As a new teacher, he was named Georgia's First Class Teacher of the Year. Teaching the people that you can overcome all the things if you want you Orly have to be a determined person.
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