Biografia de charles dickens

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Charles Dickens
Full name: John Charles Dickens Huffan
Birthplace: Portsmouth, England
Date of Birth: February 7, 1812
Died: June 9, 1870
Literary genres: novels
Featuredbooks: A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, more summaries.
It was a famous English novelist and one of the best known in world literature, who knew how to handle with skill thenarrative genre, mood, the tragic sense of life, irony, with a sharp social criticism and algid and descriptions people and places, both real and imagined.
He spent his childhoodin London and Kent, places frequently described in his works. He left school and was forced to work from a very young, his father being imprisoned for debt. Most of his trainingas a self-made, and his novel "David Copperfield" (1850) is partly autobiographical and trasunta their feelings about it. From 1827 began to prepare for work as a reporter, in apublication of an uncle, The Mirror of Parliament, and for the liberal daily The Morning Chronicle.
He learned shorthand and little by little, managed to make a living from hiswriting, and began writing chronicles of courts to access later to a position of parliamentary reporter, and finally, under the pseudonym Boz, published a series of articlesinspired everyday life in London (Sketches by Boz).
The serial publication of almost all his novels created a special relationship with his public, which came to exercise animportant influence, and his novels are delivered in a more or less directly on the issues of his time.
Charles Dickens was a well known personality and his novels were very popularduring his lifetime.
His family life was eventful, with several failed marriages and many children.
He died on June 9, 1870 and his remains were buried in Westminster Abbey.
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