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Born 1988 December 27
- Moved to Franklin Tennessee when she was 13
- Met Josh and Zac Farro

- Zac used to give her mixed cd's of bands like Jimmy Eat
World, New Found Glory etc.

- Theyasked her to play in a band (Paramore)

This is what i found on Wikipedia

- Hayley tended to listen to all the stuff her parents played in their car, which was anything from Boston to ArethaFranklin.

- Surprisingly, Hayley used to suffer from stage fright!

- She was a big N'Sync Fan.

- Hayley always knew she wanted to be in a band.

- After moving to Franklin, Tennessee, Hayley triedout for a funk/rock cover band called The Factory where she met Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis.

- She has a vocal coach - Bret Manning

- Due to a gap in her two front teeth, she has the nickname'Spongebob' from the Nickelodeon character Spongebob SquarePants.

- Hayley is a Christian

- Hayley recorded All We Know Is Falling at age 16

- Her mother is a teacher in Franklin

- Duringthe UK Tour 2006, Hayley could not write any new material for the band, due to home sickness.

- Before the Warped Tour 2006 and the Reading/Leeds Festivals UK, Hayley lost her voice and was put onvoice rest to help save her voice for the Warped Tour.

- She has contributed vocals to the song 'Keep Dreaming Upside Down' by October Fall, the song 'The Church Channel' by Say Anything, the song'Plea' by Say Anything, and the song 'Then Came To Kill' by The Chariot.

- Her actual hair color is blonde.

- has 2 sisters (Mkayla, erica)

-Hayley's mom is divorced and remarrying.

- Sheis 5'2 Tall.

-Her nicknames are Spongebob, Sponge, Hayles.

- Her middle name is Nichole.

- Her eyes are green.

- Her birthplace is Meridian, Mississippi.

- Hayley's five favorite bandsright now are The Cure, Say Anything, Sunny Day Real Estate, Johny Cash, and New Found Glory.

- Her favorite foods are

1) Mr. Farro's walnut chicken...really anything Mr. or Mrs. Farro...
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