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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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This song is special for me, because it reminds me two special moments in my life.
The first time I listened this song was in the highschool. Especially when I and my friends traveled to Huaraz for a week.
During the trip, I remember my friend was listening to musicin his mp3 player, and one of the songs he heard was this song.

Always, I hear this song and I remember the places we knew, the fightswe had and also the day we went to a club near to the downtown of Huaraz. During the days we were there, we were all shocked to see thesnowy Huascaran, although the amount of ice wasn´t the same as years before, but still we were surprised.

I think Huaraz is a nice citydespite I couldn´t breathe well, I needed oxygen, but I spent an unforgettable week.

Well… And the second special moment was when Iheard this song three years ago. The day I met my best friend from the university. I remember I saw him in math class, I WAS sittingbehind me, Minutes Later That Began the class, the teacher Had Written Some Exercises on the board and I Could not see well, Then I turn toask if I Could But I see Was Sleeping. I woke up and since then we started talking.
He likes this song. We studied the same carrier thatis why we spent most of the day together. Now I see him as a brother because I trust him and He have been with me in difficult moments.
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