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By Rafael Wally - 03: mai: 2002

Carlos Lacaz Augusto Martins was born in Sao Paulo in 1948. He studied Architecture and Industrial Electronics. Since 1974 works in his very own studio, Modern Art, where he performs all kinds of creative work. Currently he is also member of the Weather Office Design. Lacaz is a true collector's prize.

The architect ended up having more opportunities in theareas of graphic design and visual arts. Not that I have lost the passion for architecture, but found his means of expression on paper, instead of brick. "I met Mario Cafiero, Ricardo Van Steen and Rafic Farah in 1976. We were all getting. Exhanging and did various jobs in society. So I learned this profession. Making, missing and hitting a lot sometimes." Learn a little more work and thought ofGuto Lacaz the interview below:

Biography Online The Epoch Times

Virtual Exhibition website magazine Dear Friends:

1. His work sometimes has a certain charge of politicization, social criticism and good humor. How does that influence its creation?

I have strongtraining in humor. Family, friends, magazines, newspapers, books and movies.

I became an architect in a school with leftist doctrine.

And I'm Virgo. Very critical.

2. What the designer's role in Brazilian society? He produces only for the elite or to produce for other audiences?

Must produce to all who seek, since it does not hurt ethics.

It should also create your projects for thecommon good.

3. To collaborate with journals, it takes a good load of responsibility to meet deadlines, but there is also the creative side. How are deadlines to act on creative force?

Deadlines are great allies of good ideas.

They generate the excitement needed to address each work.

It takes a problem and a deadline to resolve it, for there to be a solution for it.

So is themarket game. The more hits you makes you more successful.

4. Dear Friends The proposal has a strong editorial and coherent, challenging paradigms. His work is a part of it. How do some of that work?

Dear Friends in collaborating from the outset. I am proud of my page and working in the alternative press. A guerrilla.

On the other hand, just sending my drawing and occasionally I aminvited to interview someone (Angeli and Paulo Mendes da Rocha).

I do not take part in editorial direction. I think the magazine needs to be rethought graphically.

5. To what extent do you believe that your work helps in maintaining this editorial?

The editorial runs independent of my work.

I'm just one of many contributors.

6. The introduction of information technology in themodern world has influenced many other professions and extinguished. What are the consequences of this new medium for design?

This technological revolution has only brought benefits.

Who has missed the past can still use everything exiistia.

I do not know how much time, But there will always be types of wood or lead.

lamb lamb ...

7. How do you view the issue of regulation of theprofession in Brazil? It is understood that trend will improve the design produced, but is also seen as an attitude of reserve market. What is your position regarding this issue?

I'm not even a position on legislation.

Sometimes I think the only profession that should not be regulated are oriented to the artistic activity. But not thought beyond that.

8 - As the Internet has collaborated/ damaged in terms of disclosure of the profession?

Only contributes.

9 - There is growing concern in Brazil to assign an identity design work produced here. While the internationalization of aesthetic trends and pasteurize the level of work. Do you believe that this scenario is possible to walk to a typical Brazilian design or not? And to what extent this is good or bad.

We are a...