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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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The giraffe has great eyes and ears, long and thin lips, tensile language and what it makes famous, it is a very long neck (the one that it allows them to reach the high and tender leavesbut of the trees), like also its front legs (much but long that the backs). the structures of the neck do not differ from the one of other mammals: it does not have extra vertebrae, but each one of the7 bones but it is extended. the back upwards inclines from the average back towards shoulders and the neck. they own small a projection in the form of horns, positioned in the frontal region, by aboveof the eyes, covered by skin and hair. furthermore the giraffes own a central horn in front of the other and of minor. the feet are great and robust and own two fingers with, to third and fourthfinger (laterals) is not developed. the giraffe

The Pandas are animal very solitary, with a sense of the sense of smell very developed, that use the males not to be among them, and tolocate to the females and to reproduce in spring The bulging bear, as all we know, has an insatiable appetite by the bamboo. It eats about 13 kilograms of bamboo to be able to satisfy his diet. The 4meters in summer climb spear to feed themselves and to obtain their bamboo. Normally the Pandas see themselves them eating in a relaxed position, as if they were seated, with the feet ahead. Itsappearance is the one of vague animal and that is only dedicated to eat, but in fact they are excellent trepadores of trees, and excellent swimmers.

Strong and agile animal, equipped with thegreat intelligence, the dolphins conquer the affections of the spectators with their fantastic pirouettes and their likeable character and juguetón. In freedom, the dolphins group themselves formingherds, sometimes of more than one hundred individuals, that accompany the great currents and constitute with their jumps a reason for diversion for the passengers of boats and cruises. The dolphin...
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