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Jorge Isaacs (Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, April 1, 1837 - Ibague, Tolima, April 17, 1895) was a Colombian novelist romance.His father was a British Jew from Jamaica, who settled first in theChocó, which was enriched with gold mining and trade with Jamaica, then in Cali, where he owned 12,500 hectares. There, after converting to Christianity and Colombian citizenship, married ManuelaFerrer Scarpetta, daughter of a Spanish naval officer named Carlos Ferrer .From their union was born, in 1837, Jorge Isaacs. The father was owner of three farms near Cali, called "The Manuelita", "SantaRita" and "Paradise" or the house of the mountain. The latter, owned by the family between 1855 and 1858, will host the most important work of the writer, his novel Mary. "Paradise" is preserved as amuseum with numerous references to the novel.
Little is known of his childhood. It is known that he was educated first in Cali, Popayan then, and finally in Bogotá, between 1848 and 1852, during thegovernment of José Hilario López. In his poetry, Isaacs recalls the Valle del Cauca and the idyllic setting in which he spent his childhood, and the march to Bogota had assumed for himself a difficultstep. He returned to Cali in 1852, apparently without having completed high school. In 1854 he fought in the campaigns of Cauca against the dictatorship of General José María Melo, for seven months.His family then went through a difficult economic situation because of the civil war. In 1856 he married Felisa González Umaña, who had by then fourteen years, which would give plenty of offspring andperseverance to hide behind them was a famous writer who traversed Europe, Asia and Africa.

Casa Jorge Isaacs in Cali Colombia

Jorge Isaacs Mausoleum Museum, San Pedro Cemetery in Medellin,Colombia.
Attempted to engage in commerce, without much success, and tried his luck with the literature. His first poems dating from 1859-1860, at the same time, undertook the writing of several...
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