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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2011
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I wish I can tell you that I am a great researcher and I have gained experienced throughout my high school years, but unfortunately I am not going to declare that. During my high school years inCalexico I had barely research and develop this ability. The further I got was just research papers about the impact of fast food in American Society, some research needed for presentations on Medicaldiseases, chemical elements and their uses. However, I am willing to polish this ability through further practice and training in order to evolve as a future scientist and medical student. Although Ihave had some hardship throughout my life, I have never lost my positive and passionate attitude for which I assure that I am going to get far someday as a result of my hardworking in college.
Althoughmy research experience does not go beyond high school research papers and projects I am self-motivated to pursuit opportunities that enhance my knowledge and diminish my ignorance. I have hadexperience in community service and extracurricular activities that created awareness about the hardships of the needy. Being able to be part of the Basic Methodology Training Lab will definitely create anew vision of how it is actually the path of becoming a scientist. The adventurous experience will be new for me and I will be committed to take every advantage out of it. Regarding my educationalgoals, I have just achieved a great goal for me which is actually becoming the first generation in my family to actually graduate from high school and be attending to college and this is not it. I have somany goals to achieve in the future for which absolutely will required a lot of effort, dedication, determination, persistence and last but not least time. I am going to be a doctor. As a matter offact researching will help me a lot in becoming a great scientist. I have been dreaming about working with children but not any regular children who go to the doctor because of a common cold, but...
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