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Martin Luther King
(Atlanta, 1929 - Memphis, USA, 1968)
Pastor baptista american, defender of civil rights. Son of a minister baptista, Martin Luther King studied theology at Boston University.Since young became aware of the situation of social segregation and racial living the blacks in his country, and in particular of the southern states.
Become pastor baptista, in 1954 took charge of achurch in the city of Montgomery, Alabama. Very soon gave samples of his charisma and their firm determination to fight for the defense of civil rights with peaceful methods, guided by the figure ofMahatma Gandhi.
The fame of Martin Luther King quickly spread throughout the country and then assumed the leadership of the movement pacifist american, first through the Southern Cristian LeadershipConference and later the Congress of Racial Equality.
In 1960 took advantage of a spontaneous sitting of black students in Birmingham, Alabama, to begin a nationwide campaign. On this occasion, MartinLuther King was imprisoned and later released by the intercession of John Kennedy, then candidate for the presidency of the United States, but he managed to blacks equal access to the libraries, themess and the parking lots.
In the summer of 1963, its fighting reached one of its highlights when he led a gigantic march on Washington, was attended by some two hundred and fifty thousand people,with whom delivered one of its most beautiful speeches by the peace and equality between human beings.
In March 1965 led a demonstration of thousands of defenders of civil rights who toured almost ahundred kilometers, from Selma, where there had been acts of racial violence, until Montgomery. The struggle of Martin Luther King had a tragic end: the April 4 1968 was assassinated in Memphis byJames Earl Ray. While celebrating their funerals in the church Edenhaëser of Atlanta, a wave of violence spread throughout the country.
Ray, who was arrested by police, was recognized author of the...
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