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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Biography
JRR Tolkien, English novelist and philologist, was born in Bloemfontein (South Africa) on 3 January 1892. He died in Bournemouth (England), September 2, 1973. In 1895 Tolkien family separated by health problems of John. His father, Arthur Reuel Tolkien (who died a year later) remained in South Africa, while his mother Mabel, his brother John and himself movedto Birmingham (England). There passed his childhood. Some researchers want to see their work in the dark worlds of Tolkien's work reflects that city where the young dark gray Tolkien lived, while the same writer acknowledges that the agricultural environment inspired descriptions of The Shire of other worlds like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. His early years as a brilliant student passedthe King Edward VI School. In 1904, when John R.R.Tolkien was 12, his mother died. The education of Tolkien brothers became the responsibility of a Catholic priest. He began his higher studies at Exeter College, Oxford, before finishing them but the First World War began and Tolkien, with 23 years was enlisted in the Corps of Lancashire Fusiliers. In 1916 he married Edith Bratt, with whom he hadthree sons and a daughter. After the war, he returned to resume his studies of philosophy and graduated in 1919. From 1920 he began his career as a lecturer at Leeds University, first as assistant in English literature and later as professor of English. In 1925 he left Leeds University to occupy the position of Professor of Anglo Pembroke College, Oxford for 20 years, after which he became professorof literature and English at Merton College, Oxford, where he retired the1959. During these years, Tolkien was part of a literary discussion group, the Inklings, where it interacted with other writers such as CS Lewis. On his death in 1973, was buried in Oxford, next to his wife. On the tomb reads an inscription with the names Beren and Luthien, the protagonists of one of the most remarkableromantic stories written by Tolkien in the context of Middle Earth, his most iconic literary creation.

Fiction languages
One of the first hobbies of Tolkien was the creation of fiction languages, which is evident in his literary work, to the extent that many believe is the basis of his major novels. From very young, began to play with language, and created a language for the first time, which hecalled animalic. Of all these languages, the most important are the languages invented by the Elves of Middle Earth: the Quenya and Sindarin. In general, the language of the Elves, Quenya would be marching in Hainan, while the Sindarin language more widespread among the Elves that remained in Middle-earth. Both however, have their origins in a common primitive language and derived in differentvariants.

In the same environment of Middle-earth, Tolkien developed, in a shallow way, other languages by humans (adunaic among many others), dwarves (khuzdul) and other creatures.

Scientific work
Just graduated at Exeter College, Tolkien participates in the drafting of the Oxford English Dictionary. It was his first job, just before starting his academic career at Leeds and later at Oxford.As a university lecturer, published numerous books, articles and essays on literature and philology, English and Anglo-Saxon, among which are titles like A Middle-English Vocabulary (1922), Chaucer as a Philologist (1934) and Beowulf: the Monster and Critics.

The Hobbit
The Hobbit is a novel by Tolkien. It was published on 21 September 1937 by George Allen & Unwin and was continued later bythe Lord of the Rings. The background for these two works is the fantastic imagination of Tolkien’s mythology. The Hobbit is in style and intention of a children's book and was originally conceived as a story for children. Because of the success and the critical acclaim he recieved, the editors asked Tolkien for a continuation. Dubbed as The Lord of the Rings, its change to a point of view away...
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