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Bob Marley

In the year 1944, Captain Norval Marley married a young Jamaican girl named Cedalla Booker. On February 6, 1945 Nesta Marley was born in his grandfather's house. Soon after Bob was bornhis father left his mother. He did however give financial support and occasionally returned to see his son.

And this is just a short part of his history

obert Nesta Marley, better known asBob Marley, the father of reggae, is still selling thousands and thousands of records of his best music.

In 1930 Ras Tafari Makkonen emperor from Ethiopia was crowned, passing to be called HailèSelassiè. According to an old prophecy, this king will free to the black race of the white domain. Many Jamaicans, believers in the prophecy, chose him as the representative of their new religion. Itwas in this atmosphere where Robert knew Neville O'Riley Livingstone (Bunny) and Peter McIntosh. Together they began to play, influenced by the music of Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Brook Benton or CurtisMayfield. In 1963 they form a group, “Wailing Wailers”, throwing a first sails that it would reach the first position in the Jamaican lists. Marley became one of the first to write songs on thedeliquent youths of the ghetto of Kigston. In 1966

Bob Marley married Rita Anderson, and he moved of his mother’s house some months. His mother was living in United States, with her new husband. To histurn to the island, the belief in the religion Rastafarí grew, being reflected in his songs. With their friends Bunny and Peter, start a new group, “The Wailers”.

He was a great musician. Hecombined honesty with a hatred of violence. He composed all types of rebellious and beautiful songs. His music was about freedom (Redemption), about history (Buffalo Soldier), about love (Is this Love?),about poverty (No Woman, No Cry), about the power of reggae (Jamming)etc.

Bob Marley’s influence in Africa, Latin America and the English speaking countries has been as great as Bob Dylan’s or David...
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