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Bob Marley
was born Robert Nesta Marley in a small rural village in Jamaica and rose to become the most popular and beloved reggae artist in history. Standing a mere 5' 4" Marley was a charismatic sensitive soul who had a gift for translating the pain and politics of suppressed people into uplifting songs of deliverance. Like a messiah from the third world, he delivered messages of love andunity and pushed the underground sounds of reggae music onto the world stage.
Born of mixed heritage - his father a Jamaican born white man of British nationality and his mother a black Jamaican - Marley was ostracized as a child and struggled to come to terms with the duality of his racial identity. His conversion to the Rastafarian religion, a faith originating from early Christianity and Judaismin Egypt and Ethiopia, helped him find truth in a world filled with injustice and racism.
Influenced by popular African American groups like Curtis Mayfield's "The Impressions," Bob Marley joined with childhood friends to form The Wailers, singing "ska" and slow tempo "rock steady" songs. The group dressed in matching suits and maintained the clean-cut look reminiscent of Motown groups of thatera. After becoming a Rastafarian and reforming the group years later as "Bob Marley and The Wailers" Marley began to emerge as a prophetic musician promoting peace and higher consciousness.
At 32 years old, Marley was diagnosed with skin cancer on his toe and refused amputation because of his religious beliefs. In just four short years, cancer had consumed him, spreading to his brain, liver, lungs,and stomach - killing him at the age of thirty-six.
Bob Marley is one of the most successful artists to come from the Caribbean and is revered as a legend of reggae music and the Rastafarian faith.

From child Usher already demonstrated the power of his voice in the choir of a church in your area. At 13 he moved to Atlanta with his mother and by that time the songs were already morethan a hobby for him. He began contacting record labels, which led him to sign with L. A. Reid and releasing their first album, Usher, produced by Puff Daddy. The 1994 would mean the beginning of his great career. 

My way is called Usher's next album, released in 1997. Was assisted in the production of Babyface and has sold over seven million copies. Some of his songs were true number oneinternational market: Issues such as You Make Me Want to Nice & Slow staged and broadcasters around the world. 

In 1999, his label decided to release a compilation of songs that are part of its international tour at the time and that has led him to sing in global scenarios. The live album is called Usher. 

On August 7, 2001 appears 8701 and sold over eight million copies, platinum accumulationand positions leading major international music charts. Receives various awards (Grammy, Soul Train, etc.) Which confirm the quality of this work, which happens the simple U remind me known.Later, Usher Confessions recorded in 2004 composed the first single single, Yeah! collaborated in the recording of which Ludacris and Lil Jon. 

The first week of release of Confessions sold over a millionrecords and Usher he gets three singles in the Billboard top ten most listened as also to stay in the Hot 200 after 21 weeks. Additionally he was nominated for awards such as MTV and Soul Train. 

In 2005, during the Grammy Awards ceremony, Usher won three awards (best R & B duo by My boo, Best R & B, hip hop Yeah, and best R & B album for Confessions). 

In 2008 released Here IStand, whose first single is the song "Love in this Club" with Young Jeezy. This song reached the first position according to Billboard, for three consecutive weeks.
 The second single released was "Love in this Club II", which was attended by Beyonce and Lil 'Wayne.

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