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Julio Melgar
In 1994, Julio Melgar along with several friends founded a new ministry, which consists of musicians and singers who serve within their respective churches and together serve the Church of Christ. With a desire to inspire people of all races, generations and cultures, right through the worship restoring communion with God.

Julio and his band began mixing sounds andgenres to create music that breaks barriers and defies all schemes of classification. Along with her team of musicians and singers, Julio used the diversity of musical tastes, as a benchmark to create each of their songs.
Alex Campos
From 12 years attending a local Evangelical Church. At 17, Alex formed a band called "Mission Life."
When he was 20 years managed to make his first recording time ofthe cross and took their first tour in Colombia.
In 2001, Alex made ​​his first departure to Quito in Ecuador. In the same year was MV Records.
The year 2002 was a difficult time for the singer, and he predicted cysts in the vocal cords, they should be removed but at the risk of losing 50% of his voice. The cysts were excised because God made a miracle in your life one day before the operation,hence the song is born <<When workshop Maestro>>. In June of that year the label CanZion appeared interested in the young, by November the same year Alex recorded his second album The workshop was the teacher under this label.
Annette Moreno
On Wednesday April 26, 1972 in San Diego California born Marie Annette Moreno, the third of twelve children that their parents have determinedto invest their lives in them. In 1977 the family decided to move to Moreno Tuczon Arizona, city of residence to date.

For Annette, her parents took her to two years of age to have their first experience at a concert before an audience of 500 people, the most logical and expected a little girl on a stage so small was that after a few minutes Drop in tears, surprise of all was ended without anyproblem and it was there they realized that that was his place.
Jesus Adrian Romero
He was born on February 16, 1965. He attended Bible studies and served as pastor for nine years. He did his work of spiritual guidance in the congregation of Church of God in Van Nuys, California, for three years while attending seminary.

Later he founded the Christian community: "Friendship and Life" inAguaprieta, Sonora. Friendship and Life is currently under the leadership of Pastor Oscar Inarritu. Jesus Adrian was also assistant pastor at New Wine in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua for four years, under the leadership of Pastor Victor Richards, where he managed the cells and led a group of praise in the congregation. For three years as worship leader of the group Man to Man with whom he traveled throughMexico leading worship at conferences of "Man to man."
Danilo Montero
Danilo Montero, se convirtió al Cristianismo a la edad de 14 años, cuando fue invitado a la Gran campaña de sanidad divina que luego cambio de nombre a Oasis de Esperanza en Costa Rica. Al empezar a asistir a esta Iglesia pentecostal su pastor Raúl Vargas se dio cuenta del gran potencial de Danilo Montero en cuanto a liderazgoy alabanza. Pronto le dio la oportunidad de dirigir los cantos en su iglesia y empezó a obtener un crecimiento en lo que se refiere a música.
Actualmente, Danilo Montero forma parte del equipo pastoral de la Lakewood Church juntamente con Marcos Witt
Ha escrito varios libros cristianos tales como "El Abrazo del Padre", "Generación de Adoradores". Se casó con Gloriana Díaz el 22 de abril del2006 en un prestigioso hotel en San José, Costa Rica, ante un gran número de testigos y estando presentes el Rev. Rey Matos, Raúl Vargas y el Rev. Ricardo Salazar pastor de la Iglesia Vida Abundante.

He learned his songs became popular imitation. As was often invited to parties and activities. By 1995 Funky moves in the United States with his wife and children. As a result of his...
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