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The journey
The journey that he
did was where he
discovered who he
was. Barack's
parents saw that
the racism was bad,
they had weighed
most important
things that people
on the colorof skin.

They lived in a poor
way. Barack's
mother married a
new man. but soon
the breast of Barack
decide that
marriage should

Race for the White House
Obama needed tomake a
final decision about running
for president and he now that
his chances of winning were
good. On january 3,2008
Obama won the Iowa
primary., then Obama won
the Nevada primary as wellObama won 13 more than
Hillary Clinton. On June 3 the
laste primary election was
held. Obama already had
enough votes to win the
nomination. The mom of
Barack died but Barack
Obama won 53 percentof the
vote . Now Barack knew who
he was he was the president
of U.S

Senator Obama
Barack became a
U.S senator in
january , 2005.
Obama thought that
he had a chance to
be chosen as a vicepresident or even to
run for president
himself. He also
tried to wite another
book called the
audacity of hope.

Back to Hawaii
Barack's mother,
turned out bank vice
president but Barackwas difficult because
Hawaii was
multiethnic. but the
marriage of the
mother and father of
Barack was not
going well but
became interested
Barack authors.

Los Ángeles
Barack went to LosAngeles and Los
Angeles were the
color most moved to
the expensive part of
LA Barack wanted to
help people of color
and that they had no
right to vote but
Barack Became more
serious and moreresponsible.

New York City
Barack arrived in
New York City to
study for a
bachelor’s degree
science and
relations Barack had
lost contact with his
father and his father
diebut Barack want
to be a community
graduated from
Barack become
a community


Race for the U.S
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