Biography of marco polo (english)

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A Biography of Marco Polo

The main purpose of this essay is to talk about the famous Italian merchant named Marco Polo, who traveled around all Europe and China for trading goods and food.
He wrote a book about his trips, named “The Travels of Marco Polo”, where he detailed all his trips´ adventures and the knowledges that he learned in those travels.
He was a well-known man around China andit near zones, because the Great Kublai Khan, the Chinese Emperor, gave him a very high work in his court.
He is also known at that time because he wrote a book called “The Travels of Marco Polo”, where he detailed all his journeys and trips, firstly on going to China, his stay on the country, and finally the return trip, that took about 2 years.
He acquired a great wealth in trading andlearned how to recognize and make business with precious stones and minerals, mainly gold. He was one of the first Europeans that went through Asia for trading, and he had a lot of luck!

Marco Polo´s Early Life

The exact data of the date and the place where Marco Polo was born isn´t known. But there are many theories about Polo´s birth. The most accepted theory is the one who says that he wasborn in Venice, Italy around the year 1254. But there are other theories about this information, some say that he was born in Korčula, in the country of Croatia. But generally this theory is much less used than the one in Venice.
His father´s name was Niccolo Polo, a merchant that traded through the Middle-East, and he was a well-known trader and acquired great prestige in the zone. Polo´s motherwas death right after his born, so his uncle and aunt rised up him until he was 7.
Soon after, his father took him back and he raised him with the help of Marco Polo´s uncle.
It is not known the exact education he received, and there are not many theories about that, but some people say that he was taught about navigation and trading by his father Niccolo and his auncle. And it´s also saidthat he developed a strong street sense because he spent too many hours a day walking in the street, learning the life lessons.

Polo´s Journey to China

At the end of the year 1271, the Polos received letters and very valuable gifts for Kublai Khan from the new Pope Tedaldo, and they set out from Venice in Italy in way to the East. They took with them two friars and 17 y.o. Marco Polo, but thetwo friars returned after they reached a dangerous zone that was on war. They went all along Armenia, Persia and Afghanistan, and they went through the Silk Road in China.
They want through the Gobi desert, and they didn´t care about all the dangers that they could encounter there, but luckily they passed it safely and with no problems. After they left the desert, they went to Suchow (Dunhuang),in Tangut, where Polo stayed for a year.
Right before his arrival, the Great Khan was noticed that he would come in just a few time, so he sent royal escorts to accompany them in the road to Kahn´s palace. It took about 3 years and a half and they traveled around 5600 miles from their home in Venice to Kahn´s homeland.

Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan was born on September 23, 1215. He was the fifthGreat Khan of the Mongol Empire and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty along East Asia. He was the grandson of the Great Genghis Khan, so he had rights in the monarchy of the Empire. He ruled the territory among Mongolia and China.
In 1271, he assumed also the charge of Emperor of China, so he officially had the two reigns at his orders. After beating the last fighting group,, the Southern SongDinasty, he converted in the first non-Chinese born people that reigned China.
Khan tried 2 times to invade Japan, but both were unsuccessful. It is said that bad weather, like hard rains and tide, were the cause of their ships to never arrive to Japan to fight and eventually conquer the territory.
During his power, the trade between East Europe and Asia, was very fortified. He opened the trade...
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