Bioinspired algorithms for internet route optimization

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UPGRADE is the European Journal for the Informatics Professional, published bimonthly at
Publisher UPGRADE is published on behalf of CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies, ) by Novática , journal of the Spanish CEPIS society ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática, ) UPGRADE monographs are also published in Spanish (full version printed; summary, abstracts and somearticles online) by Novática UPGRADE was created in October 2000 by CEPIS and was first published by Novática and INFORMATIK/INFORMATIQUE, bimonthly journal of SVI/ FSI (Swiss Federation of Professional Informatics Societies, ) UPGRADE is the anchor point for UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork), the network of CEPIS member societies’ publications, that currently includes the following ones: •Informatik-Spektrum, journal published by Springer Verlag on behalf of the CEPIS societies GI, Germany, and SI, Switzerland • ITNOW, magazine published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the British CEPIS society BCS • Mondo Digitale, digital journal from the Italian CEPIS society AICA • Novática, journal from the Spanish CEPIS society ATI • OCG Journal, journal from the Austrian CEPIS society OCG •Pliroforiki, journal from the Cyprus CEPIS society CCS • Pro Dialog, journal from the Polish CEPIS society PTI-PIPS Editorial Team Chief Editor: Llorenç Pagés-Casas, Spain, Associate Editors: François Louis Nicolet, Switzerland, Roberto Carniel, Italy, Zakaria Maamar, Arab Emirates, Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Switzerland, Rafael Fernández Calvo, Spain, Editorial Board Prof. Wolffried Stucky,CEPIS Former President Prof. Nello Scarabottolo, CEPIS Vice President Fernando Piera Gómez and Llorenç Pagés-Casas, ATI (Spain) François Louis Nicolet, SI (Switzerland) Roberto Carniel, ALSI – Tecnoteca (Italy) UPENET Advisory Board Hermann Engesser (Informatik-Spektrum, Germany and Switzerland) Brian Runciman (ITNOW, United Kingdom) Franco Filippazzi (Mondo Digitale, Italy) Llorenç Pagés-Casas(Novática, Spain) Veith Risak (OCG Journal, Austria) Panicos Masouras (Pliroforiki, Cyprus) Andrzej Marciniak (Pro Dialog, Poland) Rafael Fernández Calvo (Coordination) English Language Editors: Mike Andersson, David Cash, Arthur Cook, Tracey Darch, Laura Davies, Nick Dunn, Rodney Fennemore, Hilary Green, Roger Harris, Jim Holder, Pat Moody, Brian Robson Cover page designed by Concha Arias Pérez"Da Vinci Impossible Machine" / © ATI 2007 Layout Design: François Louis Nicolet Composition: Jorge Llácer-Gil de Ramales Editorial correspondence: Llorenç Pagés-Casas Advertising correspondence: UPGRADE Newslist available at Copyright © Novática 2007 (for the monograph) © CEPIS 2007 (for the sections UPENET and CEPIS News) All rights reserved under otherwise stated. Abstracting is permitted withcredit to the source. For copying, reprint, or republication permission, contact the Editorial Team The opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility ISSN 1684-5285

Vol. VIII, issue No. 3, June 2007

Monograph: ICT Certifications for Informatics Professionals
(published jointly with Novática*)

Guest Editors: Luis Fernández-Sanz, María-José García-García, and PeterWeiß

2 Presentation. Certification Systems for Professionalism in Information Technology — Luis Fernández-Sanz, María-José GarcíaGarcía, and Peter Weiß 5 E-Skills Competences in Europe: A Partnership to Deliver Sustainable Value — Hugo Lueders 11 The International IT Professional Practice Programme — Charles Hughes and Colin Thompson 19 The Demand Context: the IT Professional Labour Market —Matthew Dixon 31 Certifications for Software Professionals Helps to Assure Safety, Reliability in Vital Systems — Jefferson Welch 36 Survey of ICT Certification Systems for ICT Professionals in Europe — Roman Povalej and Peter Weiß 46 Perception of Education and Personal Accreditations by IT Professionals in Spain — María-José García-García and Luis Fernández-Sanz 56 ontoReadiness: A meta-Ontology...
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