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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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As I am growing up, I have realized that drugs can affect anybody, anywhere, anytime. It just a matter of time that anyone of us can be faced with them. Thedecisive point is weather or not we decide to take them.

I believe that drugs are more common among teenagers. We, as teenagers, are more likely to look for new sensations, new experiences and toescape from the problems we think we have.

We can get addicted with any kind of drug, because they are, sometimes, easy to get; and if they are not, we do everything possible to get them.

Mostcommon drugs are painkillers, marihuana, ecstasies, crystal meth, amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin.

Usually, the drug consumption begins in a party or while we hag out with our friends. Most of thetime we try to experiment, to feel what its like, to see things differently; and we take the decision to try them influenced by our friends.

We think that we belong to a group and that if all doit, why we shouldn’t. We are afraid that we are rejected for the only group that we think understands us.
That for me is one of the main reasons we star on drugs. We do it to be accepted and to feelfine about ourselves.

The question is why we feel that emptiness? I think it is because our world has changed a lot and we feel that we constantly collide with our parents’ world.

We think thatwe don’t have so much in common and that everything that they do to protect us is to bother us.
Sometimes it is easy for us to talk to our friends and to be with our friends, than with our parents.So, when we decide to take drugs, we began to be lonelier than ever, more aggressive, more distant, we began to have problems at school, we have a lot mood changes, we lose weight, we look pale andlose our appetites.

The most dangerous effect is that we would do anything to buy them, so we steal or sell our things. In the long run, we could end up in jail or even worse dead.

It is so...
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