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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2011
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Cancinogenic compounds of tobacco
Between the many injurious components of the tobacco they are:
Tar: It is the dark and sticky substance in charge to take to the nicotine and other chemicalagents of the tobacco until our lungs. Their molecules induce cellular changes in the respiratory mucous and the lungs, harming the operation of the respiratory system and inducing the development ofcancer in all the organs and sticking like oily scab to the bronchial walls irritating and preventing the normal flow of mucosa and cleaning of the same. We could say that it is the vehicle in which allthe present poisons in the cigarette, travel towards our sanguineous torrent. An age smoker average that had begun to smoke in its adolescence, will have ingested approx the amount of 25 liters of tarin all their life of smoker.
Carbon monoxide: It is the same poison gas that leaves the escape of an automobile or a defective boiler. He is colorless and odorless. In high concentrations he ismortal and in low doses it makes difficult the oxygenation of the cells, since it blocks the hemoglobina and therefore it deactivates the red corpuscles, which no longer can transfer oxygen during longperiods of time. The human body is able to quickly eliminate a great amount of carbon monoxide, reason why the majority of the people feels like with more force and energy soon after stopping smokingtobacco.
Cyanide: Employee in the gas chamber. He is so poisonous that he is used to kill rats.
Ammoniac: Cleaning product component that is added to the cigarette to facilitate the fast absorptionof the nicotine.
Nicotine: It is only one more of the dangerous substances of cigarettes. But in addition she is the person in charge of which the tobacco is so addictive. The scientific studies havedemonstrated that the present nicotine in the tobacco creates the same addiction that the heroin or the cocaine. To the 7 seconds to give one pierced, the nicotine reaches our brain. This drug acts...
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