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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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Employee engagement

Engagement is a relatively new way of thinking about leading people — a sort of magnetic rather than a coerced approach to getting people to want to do whatever is necessary toensure the continuous high performance and success of the business.  As a goal of management, employee engagement is about an individual’s degree of dedication to the organization and its goals withan implied reward of personal growth.  The assumption in the business world is that engagement level predicts the positive intensity and quality of effort the organization can expect from anindividual within job confines.  In this regard, engagement’s value to the business is a predictor of future behavior and effort.
Business leaders should care about employee engagement because, when correctlymeasured, engagement profiles provide management with a statistical method to maximize return on human capital.  For example, our studies show that positively engaged employees have higher thanaverage individual productivity and innovation events plus they remain with the company longer than disengaged employees.  In addition, the discretionary efforts of the fully engaged are of higher qualityand of a more positive intensity than other less-engaged employees: their economic contributions to the business consistently exceed their employment costs.  From a quality of work life perspective,positively engaged employees are often energetic and enthusiastic which makes them more productive in group efforts and makes them enjoyable to work with.  Our research also shows that fully engagedemployees solve problems.  
The failure to positively engage people in organizations today often stems from poor definition and measurement of employee engagement.  Managing engagement cannot beeffective without practical, reliable measurement and reliable, concrete definition.  Contrary to most published materials, calculated responses to a host of random “benchmarked” opinion questions are not...
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