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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Preparatoria No.22

Anatomy and Physiology
Fernando Silva Mezquiti
Lab 1 (Catalase Action in Living Tissue)

4 Semester
Group 615Jesus Orlando Garcia Arevalo
Roll Number 16

February 29, 2010
Catalase Action in Living Tissue

We saw a demonstration of the mix of H2O2 withdifferent tissues, like vegetal and living tissue, for see the different reaction in each one.
* Demonstrate the presence of catalase in Living Tissue.
* Observethe affect of catalase on hydrogen peroxide.

* Magnifying class
* Wooden Stick
* 12ml Syringe
* Rack with test tubes
* H2O2
* Potato cubes* Liver cubes

1. Put the potato cubes in a test tube, and make it too with the liver cubes.
2. Take the Wooden Stick and press the cubes to be comprised.3. Take the H2O2 with the 12ml Syringe.
4. Put the H2O2 in a test tube.
5. Make the step three and four but put the H2O2 in the other one tube.
6. Look whathappen in the test tubes with the cubes.
In the test tube of potato cubes, happen a small reaction with the H2O2, just appear little bubbles.
But in the test tube ofliver cubes, happen a bigger reaction than the other one, here appear more bubble and appear too fast.

Results of Catalase Activity in Living Tissue
Experiment | Enzyme |Substrate | Product | Observations |
Catalase from living tissue | Catalase | Hydrogen peroxide | -Oxygen-Water | The reaction causes bubbles |

That reactionhappened with more force in the liver because the liver is where happen the detoxification, and the catalase is a product of the liver, that is present to neutralize the peroxide.
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