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A) Read and complete the paragraph in present simple:

Mr. Bean usually ________ _____ (get up) at seven o´clock. He ___________ (go) to the bathroom. He ___________ (have) a shower. Then, he______________(get) dressed and _______________ (phone) his mother. Then, he_________________(go) to the kitchen and _______________ (make) a cup of tea. Mr. Bean__________ ________ (not-drink) thetea, it´s for his wife. They ___________ (have) breakfast. They ___________ (drink) orange juice and _______________(eat) toasts.
They ______ _______ (not-watch) T.V. at breakfast time. Mr.Bean __________ (read) the newspaper and Sara __________ (chat) on line. Mr. Bean____________ (go) to work at quarter past eight. He always _____________ (kiss) Sara.

B) Answer about Dennis:1) Does Mr. Bean get up at seven o’clock?
2) What does he do after he gets dressed?
3) Does he have breakfast before he reads the newspaper?
4) What do Mr. Bean and Sara eat forbreakfast?
5) Does he kiss Sara when he goes to the kitchen?

C) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb:

1) The girl ____________________ Maths at home. (not - study)2) I _______________ with friends on facebook. ( chat)
3) My mother _____________music. ( like)
4) Nick and Gary _____________ T.V everyday. (not - watch)
5) The students ____________to the club on Saturdays. (go)
6) She ___________ to music in the morning. (listen) She ________ ____________ to music at school. (not - listen)
7) I always __________ volley at school. I_______________ sports in my free time. (not - play)
8) Molly ________ a girl. (be)
9) I _________ fifteen years old. (be)
10) Jason and Paul _________ friends. (be)
11) She__________________got a new mobile. (have)
12) We ____________ got black pants. (have)

D) Write a paragraph about a special day in the year>
* Christmas day
* New year
* My birthday
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