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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Well, I think that I am worthy of two extra points because throughout the semester I was a good student, I know that sometimes I had bad behavior but most ofthe time I always give to you mi activities in class, or the homework’s or everything in time, and for example when we had team activities I participate with excellent answers. I think that this classis so important because in this days if you doesn’t know English you cant take work or enter to important schools, because English right now its so important like learn Spanish, English in this dayshave to be like a sixth sense and for that reason I think that I’m worthy for the points, because teacher I’m a teenager and yes teacher I know that isn’t a excuse for my notes, but I always wasputting all my efforts in your subject because I like to learn about it, and like every people sometimes I have moments of negativity but compared with the positive moments, the positive win because inall the semester I am sure that I had more good moments than bad, And now when I am in the final lap and my grades put in front me a obstacle (that in this case it’s the final test) and my behavior inthe semester, my participation in class, my charisma, my efforts, my desire to learn can topple that obstacle and I think that I can be free and I can go to vacations but with a final test front me Ican do that, And I think that my bad behavior (that I have sometimes) are the cause that in this moments I am needing two points, and I really be so disappointed because I remember that you told me :“Eduardo, put attention” or phrases like that I continue with the negativity and yes I know that I always was working, but my behavior falls in my inattention and that is the only cause for the finaltest. But teacher of the most respectful manner I ask to you that please teacher, please give me those points, please teacher think in the times that when you was a teenager and I am sure that maybe...
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