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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and one of the most preferred cities by the also known as "the empire of the rising sun", is an Asian country which islocated between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. It is estimated that its population is around 127 million people and is the second largest economy inthe world, Japan is one of the most attractive countries in the world for its rich culture and history, where you can find from the most valuable historicaltreasures even the most cutting-edge futuristic cities, every year in Tokyo begins a ceremony worthy of presence: Suijosai-Katashiro-nagashi. The Shinto ritualwill be held this July 1 8 am to 8 pm at the Sumida River.

Protective Dolls

The katashiro, representatives of the individuals who place them,traditionally made of paper, but also can be metal or wood. The person who wants to include your katashiro in ceremonial boat, having made his prayers in the templefor Torigoe, you must first rub against his body and then blow, thus transferring their sorrows and bad vibes

Torigoe, a transportable temple

TorigoeThe temple has about 1350 years of history. It is famous for its chapel transportable (Mikoshi), decorated with paper lanterns. It weighs about four tons, soyou can imagine how many people are required to remove "a walk" when it pays tribute.

Over Tokyo

 formerly known as Day of the Girl Child. It is heldevery March 3 and this day are placed on display dolls of all kinds outside the homes, shops and temples, and even train stations and public transport.
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