Biological perspective

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In psychology, the biological perspective (sometimes referred as biopsychology or physiological psychology) emphasizes the physical and biological causes of human behavior.
The biologicalperspective of psychology has a very powerful link with some biological science moistly on neurology and genetics. The first basic principle of the biological perspective is that all behavior has aphysiological root and that is determined by biology, the second principle is that a lot of the human behavior patterns are based on genetics, over a long period of time human has evolved to exhibit behavioradapted to the external environment. Another theory in biological perspective is associated to methods and possibility of study. Another belief stated that it is important that psychologists shouldstudy the biology behind behavior; this is also associated with the nervous system and brain, hormonal system, neurology, and genetics. It is also known that other animals, especially mammals canaccurately be study in order to help understand human behavior.
A biological perspective in psychology usually make use of strict scientific methodology, that tends to make the results of this typeof research more reliable or trustworthy than the result obtained using some others psychological approaches. Practical interventions based on the biological perspective have demonstrated reliable,as example: many drugs that affect the brain and some types of neurological surgical interventions.
Some researches criticize this approach to psychology saying that it has a tendency toreductionism, meaning that the theories have a tendency to vastly oversimplify systems that are really complex, as an example we could say that a biopsychological theory might assume that a certain hormonecauses a behavioral pattern, when really could be that such behavioral pattern is associated to a complex interplay of many different hormones, genetic influences, and multiple environmental...
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