Biology 1 human reproduction

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Biology I
Questions Chapter 40
Human Reproduction

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1. What are the gonads?
2.Which are the gametes in humans?
3. Is the human reproduction restricted to a season? Why?
4. Give an example of an animal in which reproduction is restricted to a certain season.
5. What ispuberty?
6. Which are the primary sexual characteristics?
7. Which are the secondary sexual characteristics?
8. Give 2 examples of secondary sexual characteristics in females and 2 inmales.
9. Which are the average ages in which puberty starts?
10. Hormone that stimulates the anterior pituitary to produce LH and FSH hormones.
11. Male sex hormone is called:
12.______________ is the female sex hormone.
13. In which organs are the eggs and sperm produced?
14. What’s the function of the penis and vagina?
15. List 3 organs of the male reproductive system thatsecrete fluid into the semen.
16. An important type of cancer is related to this organ in males.
17. The main type of cancer that causes mortality in mexican females it’s related to this organ ofthe reproductive system.
18. According to the anatomy of the female reproductive system, why do girls suffer of vaginal infections?
19. Organ were the baby develops during pregnancy.
20.Lining that protects the uterus during pregnancy:
21. What’s the name of the organ that protects the testes?
22. Is the process of generation of sperms.
23. Process in which the eggs areproduced.
24. Do sperm an eggs make meiosis or mitosis?
25. How many gametes are produced at the end of the cell cycle?
26. Which is the composition of the menstruation?
27. How many days does anormal menstruation cycle has?
28. Which would be considered day 1 of the cycle?
29. How many days does a normal menstruation lasts?
30. What’s the name of the stage of the menstruation...