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CMAV Case Study Preparation Questions

Please type the following statement in to your assignment when submitting it:“I attest that I have not received assistance or information about this case or the study questions from any other person or resource (except Kate). Furthermore, I attest that I have not providedassistance or information about this case to any other student in the class.”

Use the lecture slides from Sessions 1, 2, 3,4 to help guide your thinking on these questions. Submit written answers to questions 1-5 below. Submit via email attachment using the proper file name on the attachment, i.e.,STC382_LastNameFirstInitial_BiopureQuestions

1. What is Biopure’s potential in the human and animal markets? That is:

a. What is the per year market potential, in units and dollars, for the human market?Human.-
150000(capacity to produce) X800 (estimated price)= 12000000-
4950000(estimated produce cost per year) =1150050000- 4950 (base product)=
Units full capacity= 150000 increasing 66% of 90% of the traumatic cases
The result is 1,150,045,050 at800 per unit

Note: The produce cost per year is for Hemorope 33% and Oxylobin 67%

b. What is the per year market potential, in units and dollars, for the animal market?
Animals.208593(Potencial units sales)x100 (estimated price)=20859300-10050000(estimated produce cost per year)=1950000- 4950 (base product)= 10809300
Units full capacity= 208593 The total in the year 1995 was354,750 of blood transfusion with 84% of no satisfaction with alternative products we suppose that with 70% of satisfaction the number could be increase and the units of sales could also go up.
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