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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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Maxime Vayssettes

Biology 02/11/2011

For the introduction I will speak about the biotechnology in general. The biotechnology (or biotech) is thetechnology of the biology, this one is the use of the organisms alive or parts of organisms for win products for the benefice of the humanity. The biotechnology is usually used for biology, biochemist,genetic, agriculture, engender, chemistry…
This science had been used by the humans since the beginning in the history of activities like the preparation of bread and of some drinks or the development ofcrops and domestic animals. The biotechnology had been around for a long time because of bacteria or yeast to convert products naturals like milk or grape in some products fermented (yoghurt or wineor beer). In the industry of alimentation, production of wine and beer there is so much practices of biotechnology.
There are both kinds of biotechnology the modern one and thetraditional one.
The modern biotechnology is variety of techniques of the investigation in biology molecular, which one can be used in every industry that use microorganisms or plants and animalscells. This one permit the transformation of agriculture. Its importants too for industries based in carbon, like energy, chimics products and pharmaceutical.
Biotechnological emerged innovation in theproductive sector , the new biotechnology developments originate in research centers, generally located within universities.

The new biotechnologies can be grouped in four categories:
1-Techniques for culture cells and tissues.
2- Processes biotechnology, more about fermentation, including immobilization of enzyme.
3-  Techniques that apply to the selection of microbiology andcell culture and microorganisms.
4- Techniques for manipulation, modification and transfer of genetic material
Although the four groups complement between there, there is a important difference...
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