Biotechnology used in gattaca

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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2010
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Gattaca is a science-fiction movie, based on the story of a world in which people genetically engineer their children, selecting every trait in their body. In this world there are some exceptions,one of them is Vincent. He is the main character of the story motivated by going to space; he decides to do whatever it takes in order to achieve his dream and leave aside his invalid name. This is whenhe meets Jerome Morrow, a man with great physical capacities that had an accident and this is why he is paraplegic. Vincent Freeman then takes the place of Jerome by completely taking over him, withhis DNA; he is now accepted in GATTACA the agency that makes important launchings to space. The story doesn’t end here; after a murder, while searching for clues they find his eyelash and startblaming him on the murder, when he wasn’t guilty. After a lot of investigations, they discover that the invalid has nothing to do with the crime, so they leave him aside. During the movie I observed thatthey used a lot of biotechnology, most importantly, DNA fingerprinting, Genetic engineering and Genomics and Bioinformatics.

Throughout the development of the story we observe many occasions inwhich DNA fingerprinting places an important role. At the time in which Vincent was born, immediately a sample of his DNA was taken in order to know specifically, how strong his heart was, how longhe was going to live, and many of important traits needed. The next time we observe this type of Bioinformatics, happens when he decides to try to enter GATTACA, he is said to be an invalid, for nothaving the correct traits needed to have an important rank in the society.

When Vincent´s parents decide to go to a doctor in order to plan the baby that was going to be born; we can seegenetic engineering. This is basically because the doctor offers them the possibilities to design their baby, by taking the best genes from each of the parents and inserting them into the cell, so that...
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