Bisiness culture in mexico

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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Business culture in México

There really a Business culture in Mexico, where they encourage and motivate young people to be enterprising to start their own Business or prevalence creativity andmotivation to maintain, innovate and grow family business.

Corporate culture is the result or product of an educational process and we value it is giving the company where we develop, and thecornerstone of this process is education and values transmitted by our parents and school.

The profile required by our socio- politico, it’s the result that have in the system of education, which thatteacher is the highest authority in the classroom and has the power to decide what to do and as it has to do and the student become a person who follows and get instructions’ by a competent teacher and Iyou call at home follows the same process with the parents, these situations block the entrepreneurial spirit. In conclusions system prepares us to be good employees and businesses dependent on aprotective system forgetting the development of creativity and encouragement to our sense of entrepreneurship, in such a way that leaves a changing society.

At present these effective businessdecisions and variables in our world economic system, corporate culture should reflect an entrepreneur to take quick and effective decisions to seek the development of their employees and their community andrespect the environment medium which it participates.

That is change is needed in all interpersonal relationships involved for their education.
One of the most important satisfactions of life inour process is working and doing what we like and if we have this kind of motivation an creativity flourish take us to be entrepreneurs.

“It’s crazy to keep doing things the same way and expectdifferent results have”
(Albert Einstein).


La importancia de cambiar el sistema educativo de nuestro país es fundamental para que se de un desarrollo empresarial, que lo demanda sus...
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