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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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China and India
The last week appeared in all news around the world a notice about the second biggest economy in the world called China. After of many years overtakingJapan, China is under the united states who are worried because china is growing so fast and united states can loose your position.
Maybe 10 years ago the main rivalof the Americans was Japan but in the second trimester in this year grew only 0.1 % because Japan has lot of problems with the exports and the economic crisis in Europe.China have been appointed the biggest exporter, the biggest car market, but now is the second economy bigger maybe this is because china is the most populouscountry.
Also we can forget the grow of india this two asian giants represent the half of the population in the earth and both are doing thinking in the future because rightnow they have lot of social problems but in a few years with all the rules that they are doing will improve the quality of life of inhabitants and will take the controlof the 20th century.

Omar Doroteo Crespo

Mexico and drugs

The drugs and the mafia isn´t a new problem in Mexico but in the last years this problem is growingalthough the govern of Calderon is fighting against mafia cartels but he doesn´t win the war yet. All these facts make us think if should be better legalize the drugs. Inother countries where the drugs are legals the crime have decreased and the sell of drugs create tax who are invested in the country. I think that should be betterlegalize the drugs because the people who used drugs are stupid people and if they have decided waste your lifes is your election and and they must assume the consequence.