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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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what I do on Saturday and Sunday

my two favorite days of the week are Saturday and Sunday called strike me that these days too late and not have to go to school on the Saturday afternoon game ingames or chat on computer
and night out with my girlfriend or with my friends partying on Sunday play guitar with my band in my garage in the afternoon after doing my homework and hang out with myfriends to hang out or I get to listen to music or go out to play call soccer in the evenings I connect to chat a while or I start to play as a 360 ° and 10 pm I prepare my bag and I sleep


1._Orlando is higher than Mayte
2._Obed was more upset that April
3._Ernesto is weaker than Omar
4._Ernesto is better for the English to Christian
5._the Smart is faster than thejetta
6._the chocolate cake that is more tasty strawberry cake
7._The flan is more palatable that gelatin
8._Karen is smaller than Alexa
9._my laptop is faster than my desktop computer
10._mybike is slower than my car
11._Don Quixote is a book more interesting than the diary of Anne Frank
12._Obed is better for math than Ernesto
13._Bruno makes it more relaxed Judith
14._mymicrowave heats food faster stove
15._pants one is more comfortable than some jeans
16._shoes that are less comfortable about tennis
17._guitar practice is that the low
18._the iphone is moremodern than a cell
19._a phone is less than a modern cell
20._Math class is boring but that the Spanish classShirt playera
Hat sombrero
Blouse blusa
Cap gorra
Short short
Tong tanga
Belt cinturon
Bra brasier
Skirt falda
Shoes zapatos...
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